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On The Issues

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Brent Supports

Our Constitutional Rights

Pro Life and Two Genders

Preservation of the 2nd Amendment

State Sovereignty, Self-Determination

The Family Unit, Parents, School Choice

Accountability Across Government

Limited Government, Reduced Regulations and Taxes

Small Business and Personal Responsibility

Expanded Energy and Agricultural Output

Market-Driven “Green Energy” 

Equal Protection Under the Law

State Management of Wildlife

Bien Iwo Jima 2019.jpeg

Brent Will Defend Against

The Biden Domestic and Foreign Agenda

The Biden 30/30 Land and Water Grab

Shutting Wyoming Down for Any Reason

Vaccine and Mask Mandates, Vaccine Passports

Secular Progressive Socialism, Fascism

Illegal Immigration and Open Borders

Race and Class-Based Scholastic Indoctrination

The Legalization of Marijuana

Corrupt, Anti-American Industries

Bureaucrats, Lobbyists, Special Interests

Woke DoD “Leadership” and Mediocrity

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